Without Twin Peaks, Slime Time Magazine probably would not exist, so of course the slimy team got together for three days of Twin Peaks shows, which have become somewhat of a tradition for all of us. This tradition began for us way back in 2013 when Mackenzie and I went to see Arctic Monkeys. We were still in high school and deep into our “Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, Tumblr” phases and had not been formally introduced to the Chicago music scene we have grown to love. Opening for Arctic Monkeys was Twin Peaks, who we had never heard of. We instantly got into their cover of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song and their energetic stage presence. I recently learned that Sophie was also at the same show, before we even knew each other, but would meet a few years later at Twin Peaks’ performance at Reckless Records following the release of their latest album, Down In Heaven. At that same in-store performance, Nicole and I reunited after a few years apart and she got her boobies signed by all of the Peax dudes. In three years, I don’t think I’ve been to a Twin Peaks show without at least one of these rad ladies by my side, and this weekend I got to be with all three, along with the other wonderful friends I’ve made whose lives have tangled up with my own and who I always cross paths with when there’s a Twin Peaks show.

Night one at Thalia Hall was kicked off with opening bands Parents, Golden Daze, and Together PANGEA. During Parents’ set, the crowd was milling around, checking their coats and ordering drinks and snacks, but almost everybody stopped at one point and let themselves be captured by the slow, warm sounds being played. Golden Daze brought their free and easy sound from L.A. that helped to defrost a crowd that was warming up but still experiencing that strange sensation where your boogers are frozen because it’s so cold out. Fortunately, all of the boogers, arms, legs, and hips thawed out in time for Together PANGEA’s set, which got everybody (die-hard fans and people who only remember the words to ‘Too Drunk To Come’ alike) in the place singing and dancing like human bumper cars. At this point in the night, it seemed like everyone packed into Thalia Hall was buzzing like electrons with excitement for Twin Peaks’ homecoming show. As always, Twin Peaks met the crowd’s energy and put on an incredible show, which featured a cover of ‘Dead Flowers’ by the Rolling Stones.

Night two at The Metro, which is one of Chicago’s sweatiest venues, really turned up the rowdiness. When I was waiting in line at Taco Bell after the show, I realized that my clothes were so soaked with the sweat and beer of strangers that it sort of looked like I peed myself. Before I got to that cold, sweaty, scary looking state however, I saw more top notch performances from Golden Daze, Jimmy Whispers, Together PANGEA, and of course, Twin Peaks. Golden Daze came in again with their warm tunes and a heartfelt performance, Together PANGEA drilled ‘Too Drunk To Come’ and even further into my subconscious (I’m not mad about it) and played another set of very danceable songs. Jimmy Whispers, a Chicago favorite, also took to the stage with some slowed down and lovesick songs while donning a spring dress. He also spotted a dollar my friend Sean, who came up short at the merch table the next night, so thank you Jimmy for helping a homie. After the openers got the crowd going, Twin Peaks took the stage for another raucous night of rock n’ roll that I got to spend with my good buddies, and some new friends as well. Some wonderful person played ‘Naive Melody’ by the Talking Heads in between sets and I had the pleasure of dancing and singing with some very funky individuals who shared my love of that song. It was one of the many little moments of the weekend that warmed my heart up.

By the time Thalia Hall opened its doors Sunday night, my friends and I were ready for a night of NOBUNNY, Post Animal, and the last bit of Twin Peaks for the year. I was unfamiliar with NOBUNNY’s music due to my fear of people in costumes (a mascot followed me home once), but I ended up being delighted by some solid garage rock. After NOBUNNY’s set, Post Animal spun things around with their unique blend of punk melodies and trailing, psychedelic guitar. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Post Animal play multiple shows this year, and this was one for the books. From the time Post Animal went on until Twin Peaks walked off stage, my friends and I were all arm-in-arm dancing together. I teared up a little bit out of happiness, exhaustion, and love for my friends when we were all together in the crowd singing the lyrics to ‘Dead Flowers’ at the end of the night.

Every time I’ve seen Twin Peaks, the music and the performances have always been wonderful, but the real gold lies within the people I’ve shared the music with, and seeing others share it with those who are important to them. I’ve seen Twin Peaks with old friends, with first dates, and with strangers who would eventually become good friends. The crowds at Twin Peaks shows appear to be nothing but gaggles of young kids with sweaty faces, but when you look closer, you’ll see friends, families, lovers, people video chatting the show to their far away friends, and a lot of happy people dancing. Maybe I look at things through rose tinted lenses, maybe it’s the music, or maybe it’s the people and the way we all keep it together.

by Hayley Robertson

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