New Singles Review: Foxygen, The Walters, Cherry Glazerr, The Shins, Slowdive, and Dirty Projectors

A ton of new singles have been released this January and it feels a little silly to write individual articles about each one, so here’s a guide to all the new stuff you should be listening to.

  1. Foxygen – On Lankershim

    From their upcoming album Hang, Foxygen recently released “On Lankershim” and gave us a very Fleetwood Mac-esque jam. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but listening to this song made me want to feather my hair. “On Lankershim” was different from older Foxygen material in a way that signifies growth in a band’s discography.

  2. The Walters – She’s Gonna Leave You

    Accompanied by a new video that puts the “John” in Olivia Newton John (because they are hunks doing aerobics and wearing workout clothes), The Walters’ newest song “She’s Gonna Leave You” will make you feel pretty upbeat about the fact that your relationship might fall apart. Even if things don’t work out with your lover, at least you can listen to The Walters.

  3. Cherry Glazerr – Nuclear Bomb

    Even when their songs are sad, Cherry Glazerr usually adds some sugar and spice to ease the pain. In the latest single titled “Nuclear Bomb” from their upcoming album Apocalipstick, they just pour salt in the wound. It’s still your quintessential Cherry Glazerr sound, but it doesn’t have the same lovable qualities as Haxel Princess or Papa Cremp.

  4. The Shins – Name For You

    In the age-old tradition, listening to anything by The Shins makes you think fondly of a time when American Apparel v-necks were cool. I love The Shins, but it would be much more exciting if they released something that was actually new, and not another song that could have been from any of their previous albums. Besides the fact that it sounds like all of their old material, “Name For You” is a delightful song.

  5. Slowdive – Star Roving

    Their first song in 22 years did not disappoint. There are no words for it. The accompanying video was a series of satisfying cubes and geometric shapes. I’m still in shock.

  6. Dirty Projectors – Little Bubble (edit)

    This is the type of song that would be playing in the background at a party when most people have left, but there’s still a group of stragglers dancing to this song and some R-Kelly. No one knows who these people are or who invited them, but they all seem to be professional dancers. They seem like a fun bunch and you’re enjoying the song, but their dancing skills are intimidating.

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