Being so well loved in Chicago, the upcoming release of Lucille Furs’ debut album is awaited with much excitement. The group is known for their stage presence and ability to conjure up the sounds of musical yesteryear. A heavy sixties and seventies psych influence is present in their music, but they are not constrained to this era or limited in their ability to explore new themes. Their self-titled album is the product of this exploration. It is a compilation of contrast and cohesion, old and new.

The “new” was particularly engaging and interesting. Tracks “Pink Noise” and “Baby Blaise” bring in elements of modern Chicago garage rock with an Animal-esque sound, while “Alabaster Crayon” marries Ariel Pink with Beach Boys-style rhythms. Though bits and pieces from different eras, genres, and artists are heard, this album is in no way a camel or an unoriginal piece.

Part of what makes Lucille Furs’ debut album an original work of art is how it pairs with their live performances. On the way home from one of their visually and audibly lf03dynamic sets, your foot is tapping to the incredible songs you’ve just heard. This album allows you to take home set highlights like “Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration” and “In Samsara”.

Dropping your needle on this impeccable debut album will bring some retro magic into your bedroom while giving anyone who listens to it a rich history lesson on what is good in rock, psych, and jazz. Class is almost in session, so you can preorder your copy of the album here. And if you need some extra credit, catch one of their great live sets.

Words and photo by Hayley Robertson


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