Before I listened to the album, I had a lot of preconceived notions. I thought that Nick Cave’s macabre lyrics and haunting voice would cut through me the second I pressed play. I thought that this album would be especially dark, following the death of Nick Cave’s son in 2015. Skeleton Tree delivers the emotional intensity one expects, but it has this clear and angelic quality to it.

I’m used to Nick Cave serving as the soundtrack for me to live with reckless abandon, to sin and go sliding straight to hell (I’m actually the least bad ass person I have ever met). However, Rings of Saturn, the second track on the album, caught me off guard. If there’s a heaven, then I want Rings of Saturn to play as I float up there.

As a whole, Skeleton Tree delivered the emotional journey one expects from a Nick Cave album, but it vibrated on a higher plane (I’m soooo heady and my chakras are hella aligned). I spent a lot of time emotionally preparing myself for this album, and I was right to do so. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds put listeners on a beautiful and intense rollercoaster with this one.

by Hayley Robertson

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