Discovering Beach for Tiger was a complete accident. It was just a regular Tuesday afternoon of exploring the black hole that is the internet, when I stumbled across Beach for Tiger’s “Coco” playing as background music in a YouTube video. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with this band from Essex and their dreamy, space-like sound. Like their psych-rock contemporaries The Babe Rainbow and Tame Impala, Beach for Tiger draws inspiration from the psychedelic rock scene of the late 60’s, but they also add a unique element of 70’s disco to the mix.

Beach for Tiger currently has one EP which contains four tracks, including their single “Coco”, which is personally my favorite song of theirs. “Coco” is so dreamy and retro inspired that it wouldn’t feel out of place in a Wiissa video. Beach for Tiger – EP also contains the songs “Caldera”, “Wherever the Sun Goes”, and “Afternoons in Space”. “Caldera” features a guitar solo reminiscent of the hard rock scene of the 70’s amongst the otherwise ethereal and calming vocals. If a song could sound like a dream, it would definitely be “Wherever the Sun Goes”, with its distorted and hazy sound. The EP concludes with a jazzier “Afternoon in Space” that slowly builds up to a funky trumpet solo worthy of Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake.

In January, Beach for Tiger released another single “Black Buddha”, which has a more beachy and playful rhythm. The straight from outer space guitar-and-synth solo blends right into the voice of lead singer Peter Anderson, but then just as instantly fades away, making the entire song seem as if it was only a dream all along.

Currently, Beach for Tiger’s live shows are limited to the London area, but future releases will likely bring them to the U.S. In the meantime, you can listen to their songs for free on their SoundCloud.

Check out their performance of “Afternoons in Space” for Sofar London here.

by Rachel Flynn

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