It’s no secret I’ve always had a soft spot for British indie pop bands, but this band takes the cake. If you like the King Krule-type of crooning vocals combined with lots of tempo change à la The Districts, you’ll definitely be into Trudy and the Romance. This might be one of the coolest band names I’ve ever come across, and their upbeat old school rock sound definitely brings a certain sunshine to their native Britain. While I’ve been listening to this band for a while, I only recently came across their YouTube page, which includes many endearing homemade music videos and a lot of great covers. It might sound like you’re listening to a 50s pop band, but no, it’s Trudy and the Romance.

Songs to start with (a crowdpleaser, most likely): Wild

Pay attention to the masterful use of language (the lyrics are really good): All My Love

I just like this one a lot and it also has nice lyrics (it makes my heart ache): My Baby’s Gone Away

They even do nice covers (and a cute music video to boot):  Help me Rhonda

Check out their bandcamp to purchase other tunes or some cool merch so the band will finally leave the UK and I can actually see them live!

by Sophie Pecilunas


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