Check this shit out: Cut Worms

Photo credit: Shea Stadium BK


I’ve had this one sitting in the drafts for almost half a year now. Cut Worms are a band that are hard to pin down. In fact, as far as I know, it’s just a one man show, that one man being Max Clarke from Brooklyn. There isn’t that much information about him online—or on his Bandcamp for that matter. Nonetheless, Cut Worms make some of the most pleasant music I have ever listened to. There are definite Beach Boys vibes combined with a bit of folk rock soothed over by some beautifully honest crooning vocals.


Songs to start of with: Don’t Want To Say Good-Bye/Like Going Down Sideways


Some great bedroom recording: Cash for Gold/’Till Tomorrow Goes Away


Really then just listen to the rest of his “Soft Boiled Demos” on Bandcamp.


Head over the Max’s instagram to stay updated with the band’s whereabouts. Maybe head over to a show and let me know if he plays his live shows by himself too.

by Sophie Pecilunas


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