Now Playing: October 3, 2016

1. Beach House by Beach House

Can you believe this album came out ten years ago today? I love it just as much today as I did when I first heard it. Tokyo Witch and Lovelier Girl are my main squeezes. I wish there was a way for me to smell the way this album sounds.

2. Manipulator by Ty Segall

You’re The Same As Me makes me a little misty-eyed whenever I hear it. It brings me back to the time I had a UTI at a Ty Segall concert and managed to not run to the bathroom while he played this song. The other 16 songs on the album will also make your heart sing.

3. Campfire Songs by Animal Collective

This is AnCo’s most overlooked creation, in my opinion. It’s a great EP for retreating into yourself and reexamining everything you’ve ever done in your entire life or just hanging out with your cat. It works for a lot of situations.

by Hayley Robertson


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