I have a big heart for Chicago bands and little record stores, so the release party for Willows Weep at Bric-A-Brac Records was a great time. Before showcasing their new album and new refined sound, Flesh Panthers saluted their punk and garage roots with opening bands Ego and Faux Furrs. All three bands put on an incredible, high-energy show that nearly blew Bric-A-Brac’s roof off.

I walked in during Ego’s set and was greeted with the type of sound that proves that punk is not dead in Chicago. The urge to start a mosh pit was strong, but I knew that I would end up hitting my head on a monitor and falling (it happened at Twin Peaks’ Down in Heaven release at Reckless Records). I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this band, and I suggest you do the same.

Following Ego’s dynamic set, Faux Furrs brought the unique sound and energy that make the Chicago music scene. Their stage/teal wooden floor presence filled Bric-A-Brac up and got the most stoic attendees to start dancing. I have a strong feeling that we’ll see Faux Furrs play a major part in the local DIY scene in the near future, so get excited and ready to dance because it’s hard to be a statue in a Faux Furrs audience.

At this point in the evening, Bric-A-Brac was filling up with anticipation to hear some live Willows Weep tracks. Flesh Panthers delivered and matched the audience’s anticipation with a killer set that showcased their musical roots, influences, and new sound. Some might say that Willows Weep is a big change from the band’s previously punk material, but this change received a warm welcome. Willows Weep will be finding a happy home in our record collections.

by Hayley Robertson

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