Some Winter Album Recommendations

It’s very cold outside and we are all just trying to fill the void of being in our home towns by shoving as many donut holes into our mouths as possible and binge watching My So Called Life. If that doesn’t set your panties on fire, then please seek refuge in some top shelf albums recommended by yours truly.

another_green_worldAnother Green World has that magic quality to it that makes the listener feel like a child who is overwhelmed by bliss and the universe, but not in the “I only go to music festivals to take acid and pass out in the middle of a field” type of way. It’s great for Sunday mornings and trying to get your shit together. This Eno album is 900% classic and will fill you with the best feelings.


urlRendezvous With Rama by Ruth Garbus is the perfect album for the sleepless nights that are even longer during the winter. It just makes you want to put on a really big coat and walk into the white void of a blizzard because you are very sure of yourself and you love nature. When you need some encouragement when it comes to dealing with front doors that are frozen shut and treacherous black ice that results in fractured tailbones, try spinning Ruth Garbus and call me in the morning.


comment-te-dire-adieu-album-coverWriting, getting dressed up, and matters of the heart all need a soundtrack. Comment Te Dire Adieu?  by Françoise Hardy will serve all of those needs even if you don’t speak French. Life can feel very dull in the winter months and Comment Te Dire Adieu? can add some spice and drama to waiting for the train or people watching. Françoise Hardy’s voice will add some much needed brightness to the winter moon.



If you ever have trouble feeling feelings (à la Dennis Reynolds), listen to New Skin For The Old Ceremony by the late, great Leonard Cohen. Since Cohen is no longer with us physically, it’s important that we keep his music alive. Artists like Cohen whose lyrics are just as powerful unsung are rare. This album is particularly powerful and ventures into some of the trickier areas of human emotion. Even though this masterpiece is painted with some of the darker shades of the heart, there is still some lightness behind it, which is fitting for a season where the sun sets at four in the afternoon.



I realize that not everyone goes through life picking albums that soundtrack their ever-changing emotional state, so here’s an album that’s perfect for dancing when you’re a terrible dancer. Before Today by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is really effective when you want to use dance to make your roommates question whether or not they want to live with you anymore. The more frightening, joy fueled dance moves usually get busted out during “Round and Round” and “Can’t Hear My Eyes” so prepare yourself and bubble wrap the furniture if necessary.


by Hayley Robertson

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