Fuel your jazz-infused Sudanese pop needs with Sinkane, possibly one of the coolest live performance bands out there right now. I took my dad to see his band when they came to Paris last week, and he even liked them. He’s usually very picky when it comes to music if that means anything. Sinkane, real name Ahmed Gallab, still keeps elements of rock and blues in his music. Pitchfork cited the blend as “sub-Saharan pop, shoegaze, afro-rock, electronica, krautrock, and everything in between.” You can’t help but groove to this.

Here are some tracks to get you started:

Songs to start with (you can’t stop your self from grooving, the music video is cool too): U’Huh

(FYI: “Kulu shi tamaam” is Arabic for “everything is great.”)

The song my cousin recommended I start with (maybe a crowdpleaser): New Name

Everyone loves a great horn section (and another great music video): Telephone

More horn (I love a great horn section): Fire

Once you garner an appreciation for these songs, I’d suggest delving into his first album, Mars, and maybe some of his live performance videos if you like jam sessions. Check out Sinkane’s website for music and tour dates. Follow him on twitter and instagram to stay updated.

by Sophie Pecilunas

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