With the release of their latest album The Weather, Pond has come a long way from their Beard, Wives, Denim days of hypnotic psych rock. In contrast with their previous works, The Weather is much more pop-oriented with less ambient noise and a slight funk inspired sound. The use of the phrase “pop-oriented” usually has a negative connotation, but this is not the case here. By deviating somewhat from the psych-rock formula of optical illusion posters, reverb up the ass, and drawing a pentagram around a copy of Ege Bamyasi, Pond has created a more accessible and contemporary psych-rock album.

The first few tracks on the album, 30000 MegatonsSweep Me Off My FeetPaint Me Silver, and Colder Than Ice, are unlike previous Pond material and demonstrate the new direction the rest of the album goes in. There is a clear sonic relationship between these tracks, and Currents, the latest release from Pond’s brain child Tame Impala. Because Pond and Tame Impala are on the forefront of popular psych rock, there is sure to be a wave of music inspired by the sound of The Weather.

The second half of the album has a more classic Pond sound and fit my expectations for the album. Edge of the World pt. 1 and pt. 2 are heavier with classic psych rock influences and are reminiscent of Pond’s previous album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. Also notable are the melting vocals on Zen Automaton, which are backed by some icy saxophones.

Overall, The Weather is a sign of something new for Pond, and for psych rock. This album stays true to its roots while flourishing outwards and exploring influences from other genres.

by Hayley Robertson




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